Fall 2016 Outreach Officer Statement



My name is Sara Rae, and I am very excited to be TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH’s Outreach Officer for this fall semester. This is my second semester to hold this position, and I very much enjoy my work.

My interest in computer graphics arose in my sophomore year of high school, when I first visited an animation studio. I had always been curious as to how to enter the computer graphics industry, but I didn’t know where to begin. Visiting the studio and getting to speak with some of its talented employees was a fantastic experience, and it showed me that my goal of obtaining a job in computer graphics was within reach.

My objective with the Outreach program is to provide students with any moment similar to what I experienced years ago. To show them that entering this industry is possible with hard work and dedication.

With the help of volunteers, I hope to expose high school students to interesting topics, areas of research, and industry positions in the field of computer graphics that they normally wouldn’t see in their high school programs. The members of TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH have worked on many interesting projects in their time here at A&M, and I have seen firsthand how excited these students get when they are shown a short clip of animation, an elaborate rig, a skillfully made model, or honestly anything that comes from the College of Visualization.

Establishing relationships with the teachers and students at the schools we visit is very rewarding. Every single person is wonderful to be around and excited to speak with you. I look forward to another semester of making many new friends from both the schools we visit, and from the volunteers that I will meet in the coming months.


Thanks and Gig ‘em!

Sara Rae S.