Questions, comments, concerns?

Email  with the subject line: tamu.sig.outreach


Purpose of TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH Outreach


To give back to the surrounding community by exposing students to and encourage the study of computer graphics and interactive computer techniques.



If you a teacher of a school in the Bryan/College Station area and would like TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH to become involved with your school, please email  with the subject line: tamu.sig.outreach




High School Outreach Program

TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH Membership – Required


Event Description

TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH has had a difficult time finding volunteers to visit high schools. Not because of lack of interest, but because class times overlap inconveniently with high school class periods, and volunteers who would like to go sometimes lack a mode of transportation.

Because of this, the officers of Texas A&M’s SIGGRAPH chapter believe that inviting the high school students to the Texas A&M campus to interact with chapter members would be a more fruitful experience for both parties. We would be able to gather more volunteers, and the high school students would be able to observe the exciting environment the Visualization college has to offer, as well as see the various projects around the building that students have created.

Plans for an exciting new event are currently in progress! If you have any questions, you can contact the Outreach Officer or check this webpage for updates.

Thanks and Gig ’em!



Mentor Program

TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH Membership – Not Required


Program Description

Teachers from high schools in the surrounding area occasionally reach out to TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH to help them find mentors for their students.


Mentors are responsible to stay in contact with and assist the student they are paired with throughout the school year. At the end of every month, you will come to this page and submit a log of your time with your student. The link to do so is below.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, email  with the subject line: tamu.sig.outreach. Include your name, your classification (freshman, grad student, etc…), what your study focus is (graphic design, animation, video games), and “Outreach Mentor Program Interest” in the subject line. Our outreach officer will reply to you shortly and inform you if you have been assigned a mentee.


Current Mentors: LOG YOUR TIME 




TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH Membership – Required


Event Description

Come eat pizza and critique projects from students in the surrounding area!


We have no events coming up, but stay tuned!