Spring 2017 Outreach Officer Statement




My name is Alexis Jimenez, and I am super excited to be TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH’s Outreach Officer for this spring semester. This is my first semester holding this position, and I hope to learn a lot more about it, while experiencing with my fellow peers the fun, new journey that this new direction of Outreach will lead us into!

Growing up, I found myself drawn to the sparkle that can be found in a person’s eyes when they are amazed at a work of artistic creation. I joined Visualization with the desire to create, but also just as importantly, the desire to share. Share creations, share lessons, and share the excitement of bringing a mental visualization to life. My objective with the Outreach program is to provide both my fellow peers in TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH and the younger students we interact with, the opportunities to develop their own love of animation, graphics, and gaming in an environment where diversity of understanding and skill set thrive. I want to open doors of awareness of different techniques to younger students, while showing fellow college students that reaching out to the next generation can be an enriching and rewarding experience!

With the help of our volunteers, our goal is to create an open forum for computer graphics and interactive techniques by exposing your students to speaker events and college level work.The members of TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH have experience working within different pipelines such as animation, video games and virtual reality. I hope to share these experiences to help students know that their dream of obtaining a future career is within reach with peers who are just as fascinated in the subject as they are.

Establishing relationships with the high school faculty and students at the schools will be very rewarding. I can’t wait to create new and exciting experiences for you as the new Outreach Officer! I hope to see new faces volunteering this spring semester, and I am ready to see how this new direction of Outreach will impact us all.


Thanks and Gig ‘em!

Alexis Jimenez.